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Contract and consumer law

The general law of obligations and contract law are very diverse. Merijn de Jong and Erwin Dingenouts take on many cases within this area of practice. It concerns purchase agreements (homes, cars and others), banking and credit agreements, commission contracts, medical treatment agreements, contracts of guarantee, loan agreements, etc. De Jong and Dingenouts also take on cases of identity fraud.

Consumer law is part of the law of obligations. Consumers are protected by various legislations against companies and their actions.

If you have problems with a seller, for example, an energy company, a telephone company, or a contractor, you should contact De Jong or Dingenouts.

Proceedings over a warrant issued by a governing body are not included in contract law. Challenge procedures against these warrants are conducted by a civil judge. De Jong and Dingenouts perform these types of procedures as well. This also applies to summary judgements and orders of execution. Execution proceedings are procedures concerning the (method of) implementation of a title, usually a court order.