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mw. J. de Poorte

Joëlle de Poorte studied law in the town of Leiden. She developed her passion for immigration law during her studies. First, Joëlle worked in positions in which she worked intensively as a legal policy officer and adviser to improve immigration policy and to publish knowledge products for immigration law attorneys, such as professional journals and data banks. She also published on immigration law in several professional journals.

After 15 years of work within immigration law, Joëlle took the decision to become an attorney and to use her knowledge to help individuals searching for justice. She started her own office three years later: De Poorte Advocatuur. She joined Inigo Advocaten on 1 January 2021.

You can contact Joëlle with questions about immigration law in the broadest sense of the word.

You can also contact her for a number of specific problems in the field of personal and family law, such as establishment and denial of paternity, parental authority and recognition matters and amendments in the Personal Records Database (BRP). These cases often concern issues on Private International Law. This law regulates which rules have priority when, for example, a marriage is contracted abroad, or a child is born abroad, or when one of the individuals searching for justice has a foreign nationality.

Previous employers:
– Dutch Advisory Council on Migration (formerly ACVZ)
– FORUM, Institute for Multicultural Development (now: Charity Immigration Law the Netherlands, www.stichtingmigratierecht.nl)
– Dutch Council for Refugees (https://forrefugees.vluchtelingenwerk.nl/en)
– Court of Justice, The Hague, Staff Bureau Immigration Affairs

Member of the following expert associations:
– The Netherlands Association of Specialised Immigration Lawyers (SVMA)
– The Dutch Association of Asylum Lawyers (VAJN)
– Working Group on Immigration Law Rotterdam
– Working Group on Legal Aid in Immigration Affairs
– Working Group on Legal Aid in Refugee Affairs

Board member of the LOS Foundation, National Support Organisation for Undocumented People.

Member of the Platform Inclusion and Diversity of the Netherlands Bar Association (NOvA)


Joëlle de Poorte has registered the following principal (and secondary) legal practice areas in the Netherlands Bar’s register of legal areas:
– Immigration law
– Personal and family law

Under this registration, she is obliged to achieve ten points of training in each registered principle area in accordance with the standards of the Netherlands Bar Association.

Joëlle de Poorte does not have a third-party account and is not able to receive any third-party fees.