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mr. M.J. Paffen

Before starting his own practice, Mr Paffen gained years of work experience with other law firms. Mr Paffen has arranged his practice in such a way that quality is paramount. Communication between you and the office is essential to ensure this quality. There is always a way for you to contact him by telephone or digitally.
Mr Paffen specialises in immigration law. He only deals with cases in the field of asylum law and ‘regular’ immigration law. Mr Paffen has great experience in the whole area of this jurisdiction: The guidance of asylum procedures, the implementation of procedures when the IND rejects the asylum application, as well as procedures for regular residence permits, procedures concerning the detention of foreign nationals, complaints to the European Court of Human Rights and entry bans.

If you want to apply for a regular residence permit, Mr Paffen can of course guide you, advise you and conduct all procedures with you. Think of applications for a temporary residence permit to allow your partner to come to the Netherlands or, for example, an application for a residence permit to stay with your partner and/or children in the Netherlands.
In applying for a residence permit on medical grounds, humanitarian grounds and/or residence based on your right to family and private life, Mr Paffen will assist you! If you want to study or work in the Netherlands, Mr Paffen will also be able to advise you. Of course, Mr Paffen can also take over or continue the case in the event of a possible appeal procedure if the application has been rejected. The issues of naturalisation, visa short-stay or other related authorisations are not a problem for him.

Are you an employer and you need advice on labour migration or other corporate migration issues? You can also contact Mr Paffen.

“No man is above the law and no man is below the law”, this quotation of the former president of the United States Theodore Roosevelt is a summary of the philosophy that Mr Paffen adheres to. No one is above the law and nobody is too small to be below the law. Everyone has the right to justice. With this approach, Mr Paffen takes on his cases. This philosophy creates close cooperation between the customer and the attorney, with fairness and expertise to the forefront. A fairly balanced piece of advice based on the law and regulations is the basis of the cooperation.

Mr Paffen is assisting his clients through payment and – where possible – with the help of financed legal aid (subsidised by the Legal Aid Board). The standard hourly rate of Mr Paffen is €242, including VAT (€200 excluding VAT). It is also possible to agree on a fixed fee per case. Please contact us about this.


Mr Paffen has registered the following principal (and secondary) legal practice areas in the Netherlands Bar’s register of legal areas: (1) Immigration law and (2) Detention of foreign nationals. Under this registration, he is obliged to achieve ten points of training in each registered principle area in accordance with the standards of the Netherlands Bar Association.

Mr Paffen does not have a third-party account and is not able to receive any third-party fees.