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  Our approach

Why Inigo Advocaten?


All law firms are professional, efficient, practical, dedicated, ambitious, focused on solutions and results, dynamic, fast, smart, specialised and provide a full range of services at the same time. And most law firms in a city like Rotterdam adhere to the Rotterdam approach.


The legal profession certainly lives up to its self-image. So, what to look for when you are looking for a good match? It is difficult for you as a client to form an impression just by reading slogans, especially if you do not have much experience with lawyers. Why would you choose Inigo Attorneys at Law?


Inigo Advocaten differs from most other law firms by being very clear from the start. Not only about your case’s chance of success, but also about the costs involved. And even more important, we offer highly specialised current knowledge in our legal areas.


If possible, we give you an initial assessment of your possibilities by phone or otherwise during the first interview. We have enough experience and ready knowledge to provide you – without delay or waiting time – with a reliable estimate of your position.


We are transparent about the costs. If you are eligible for subsidised legal aid (financed legal aid by the Legal Aid Board, Raad voor Rechtsbijstand), we request this for you. If you are not eligible, we give you an assessment of the expected costs. You can receive a detailed specification of our work at any time. It is often possible to agree on a fixed fee per case.


We can often give you a free initial assessment of your possibilities by phone. If we have to make an appointment for an intake or interview at our office, you will most likely be charged a consultancy fee or the personal contribution payable in case you are entitled to financed legal aid. You can be assured of a professional, specialist attorney.


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